Challenge #1: Exercise and Lose Weight…in a Healthy Way

Challenge #1: Exercise and Lose Weight…in a Healthy Way

As my first official 30 day challenge, I have chosen to undertake a project that is bigger than my belly. I’ve been a Yo-Yo dieter all my life losing 30 pounds in 30 days, then gaining back 60. Working 12-16 hour days sitting in front of a computer all day has definitely been a contributing factor to stress, laziness and a lack of commitment to one of the most important things in my life – health!

Apparently it takes either 21 or 28 days to make a habit, but being a stubborn ass, I think it’ll take me at least 30 to start building my habit. So today, I vow to my huge viewer base of 3 readers that I will do my absolute best to exercise and lose weight in a healthy way. No pills, no starving myself and no extreme workouts where I wake up lying on the floor surrounded by paramedics.

Memories from Psychology 101

The one thing I took away from Psychology 101 was setting SMART goals. This is a clever acronym which isn’t so clever because I can never remember what each one stands for. Or maybe I’m the one who’s not so smart. Regardless, SMART goals reinforces setting goals that are…

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relavant
  • Timely

Specific Weight Loss Goals

My primary goal is not necessarily to lose weight. What I want to do over the next 30 days is to create a habit of exercising a minimum of five times weekly. What defines a “work out” to me is one where I feel like a worthless piece of crap after using my body to anger my mind.

To be more specific, I will set my work out sessions to a minimum of 15-30 minutes doing cardio training. I’ll define cardio as anything from a power walk where I shake my booty side to side with arms alternately flailing to sprints that cause me to be hate life more than my ass hates cheesecake.

The second portion of my work out will entail either weights, ab workouts or some kind of plyometrics training for strength training. The goal of my weight training is not to bulk up like the Jersey Shore dudes, but to get more of a lean build.

My wife makes some delicious healthy food, so I’m going to minimize eating out. I’m not going to deprive myself completely of the goods that make life worth living, but I will cut out what can be cut and add more greens. If anyone has advice on what to eat without making me gag, your suggestions are always welcome :)

Success should be Measurable in Weight Loss?

I’m not a health expert, but I believe that if we put those specific goals into action, I will lose weight. If not, then there’s something wrong with the weight loss system.

Although it’s not exactly an accurate number since I fluctuate between 197 lbs (my self assuring morning weight) and 207 lbs (my glutenous evening weight), I’d like to build consistency in my weight. Surprisingly, I don’t want to lose 30 lbs in 30 days, but I’d rather build something that is more long term this time around. If I can maintain a solid 192 lbs as a high by the end of the 30 days, I’d be pleased with my efforts.

Attainable, Relevant and Timely

Maybe I’m being over ambitious, but I’ll let my work ethic and results show that. In my own twisted mind, I think these are all goals that are attainable, relevant and timely. Even though I haven’t gone for a period of consistent exercise (minimum of 14 days) since my first year of College, I’m determined to start changing my life.

Anyone want to celebrate with some ass loving cheesecake after 30 days?

Samuel Oh

Samuel Oh

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